Loan purpose
Acquisition of water heater and solar  power station
Loan type
Consumer Loan
Loan amount
AMD  100.000-2.200.000
Loan currency
Annual interest rate
9%, actual interest rate- 9.85% 
Loan term
60 months
Repayment frequency
Loan redemption procedure
Equally  (annuitant), or non-equally (differential)
Acquired solar power station and/or heating system and,   Up to AMD 1.000.000 1 guarantor who should not be a family member of the borrower AMD 1.000.001-2.200.000, at least 2 guarantor individuals; at least 1 of them must not be the borrower’s family member
Provision method
Commission fee
1% of  contractual  amount
Decision making period
10-12 working days
Punct [text1]Early loan repayment is allowed for which no penalties and fees are charged. [/text1] [text2]The Bank before signing the loan contract supplies an individual leaflet.[/text2] [text3]Interests are calculated on the loan balance.[/text3]
Borrower requirements
Resident individual over 18 years Registered and living in the Republic of Armenia Has a constant income resource acceptable by the Bank
Negative decision grounds
Non-credibility of the presented documents
Customer’s negative loan history
Other reasons that will hamper the loan repayments according to the Bank assessment.

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Note Documents presented by individuals 
Punct Copies of passports,  social security cards of the applicant(family members) and guarantors (if any) 
Punct marriage certificate copy (if any),
Punct Document verifying the income (of applicant and borrowers)
PunctCopy of property certificate ( if necessary, copy of the document serving as a basis for certificate provision)
PunctInvoice of the property to be acquired, estimate of installation work expenses (expenses per articles).
PunctEngineering Conclusion ( if necessary)  
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