Today, ARMECONOMBANK OJSC has opened the doors of 24/7 area in ‘’NANO’’ branch to its customers at 32 Tumanyan str., Yerevan. Here the customers can enjoy 24/7- hour service every day at any time. The branch equipped with such kind of technological solutions is the first in the Bank’s branch network.

"Currently, the newest technologies change the world’s markets development and dictate a bank’s strategy. We are trying to predict all the possible changes and move on to them investing technological innovations and advanced solutions in the Bank and "NANO" branch, which will work round-the-clock, is the best proof of that," Arpine Pilosyan, Deputy CEO for Technology and Security, mentioned in her speech. 

  1. Pilosyan represented virtual remote service device, which is considered new in the market. 

The virtual remote service device enables to execute the following transactions:

1.        Opening of main banking accounts and unallocated metal accounts for individuals and legal entities

2.        Opening of additional account;

3.        Money transfer via payment systems;

4.        Receipt of transfers through payment systems;

5.        Consumer loan application submission;

6.        Payment plastic card application submission;

7.        Loan repayment;

8.        Currency exchange.


According to A. Pilosyan, currently the new applications of online and mobile banking are in their final stage of development.

‘’A few months later our customers will be given a chance to transfer a significant part of their transactions into the online platform saving their time. Our goal is to reduce time for the transactions for which the direct involvement of the Bank’s employee is not obligatory and to bend every effort to identify the needs of the customers and provide them high quality financial advice.  We are designing new products and services as well, for our customers in different segments’’.

Updated: 09/02/2018 17:13