ARMECONOMBANK OJSC launched a new consumer loan – Solar loan

ARMECONOMBANK OJSC presents a new loan - ‘’ Solar’’ loan . 

‘’ This loan type will give an opportunity to reduce the monthly gas and electricity consumption of our customers up to 95%. Due to this product, customers can obtain a solar water heater and solar  power station (photovoltaic station),’’ said the Head of Loan Products Development and Sales Division of the Bank.

Solar water heater is: efficient-  heats the water up to boiling, resistant -  not even get damaged by direct hit of 3 cm hail, simple and does not require special service, safe- free of any dangers typical for gas heaters such as gas leakage  and durable- serves more than 20 years,

Solar (photovoltaic) power station : 

Does not require any changes in home network, only an extra energy meter is installed,

 Occupying a space of 6-7 m.k , it provides  capacity of 1kW

Durable – serves more than 25 years.

Parallel with recourse reduction, this product allows to increase the quality of lifestyle.  Devices   ensure energy independence and reduce energy costs. The latters are ecologically clean and harmless to the people’s health and the environment.  Devices are within reach and have short period of repurchase.

‘’Solar’’ loan is granted at 9 % annual interest rate with 60 months redemption period without prepayment. For loan provision at least a guarantee of an individual is required.