“Araratinkassacia”  closed joint stock company was founded in 2000


Based on cash collection service license, the company offers services of collection and transportation of cash and other valuables as well as of temporary safekeeping thereof. The cash collection branch in Gyumri has been operating since 2006 and the cash collection branch in Goris has been operating since 2013.

The company works with clients under agreements. "Araratinkassacia" services 16 of 21 of RA banks, 65 other organizations and 32 exchange offices. The service is provided by licensed cash collectors and using Volkswagen armored cars.

Services offered by "Araratinkassacia" CJSC:

  1. Collection of cash and other values throughout RA territory including the Bank-Zvartnots Airport-Bank route,
  2. Temporary safekeeping of cash and other assets,
  3. Safe escort of persons with valuables,
  4. Cash collection services to bank customers under trilateral agreements.

Monthly service fee for monetary and other assets collection is determined by mutual agreement, on contractual basis.


Address: 2 Nar–Dos Str., Yerevan, RA

Tel.: +374 10 546-691, +374 10 546-689, +374 10 546-692

Fax: +374 10 546-687


Director: Armen Ghazaryan

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