Laws and Legal Acts of RA

The main laws regulating banking activities

  1. RA Law on the Central Bank of Armenia,
  2. RA Law on Banks and Banking,
  3. RA Law on Bankruptcy of Banks and Credit Institutions,
  4. RA Law on Banking Secrecy,
  5. RA Law on Attraction of Banking Deposits,
  6. RA Law on Currency Regulation and Currency Control,
  7. RA Law on Securities Market,
  8. RA Law on Funds transfer by Payment Order,
  9. RA Law on Accounting,
  10. RA Law on Join Stock Companies,
  11. RA Law on Limited Liability Companies,
  12. RA Law on Guaranteeing the Remuneration of Banking Deposits of Individuals,
  13. RA Law Payment and Settlement Systems and Payment and Settlement Organizations,
  14. RA Law on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing,
  15. Civil Code of RA Law,
  16. Labor Code of RA
  17. RA Law Cash Desk Operations,
  18. RA Law on Public Auctions,
  19. RA Law on Consumer Lending,
  20. RA Law on Financial System Mediator,
  21. RA Law on Operation of Evaluating Real Estate,
  22. RA Law on State Registration of Rights to the Property,
  23. RA Law on Income Tax,
  24. RA Law on Laws and Regulations,
  25. RA Law on Electronic Communications,
  26. RA Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature,
  27. RA Law of Copyright and Related Rights.
  28. RA Law on Personal Data Protection.

The main legal acts regulating banking activities

  1. Regulation 1 "Registration and licensing of the banks and foreign banks branch-offices, Registration of the banks' branches and representative offices, Qualification and registration of the managers of the banks and foreign banks branch-offices",
  2. Regulation 2 "The regulation of banks' activities, the major economic standards for banking activity",
  3. Regulation 3 "On Banks reports and their publication and presentation",
  4. Regulation 4/03 "Reports presented to the Central Bank, their order, form and the terms to the persons providing investment services",
  5. Regulation 4/04 "Bill and accounting issuer statement",
  6.  No. 279-N decision on 07.10.2014 of CBA Board about revoking  No. 269-N decision on 09.09.2008 and establishing  the regulation about minimum requirements for entities reporting about  the field of prevention and combating money laundering and terrorist financing,
  7. Regulation 8/01 "Explanations and examples of the calculation of annual factual interest rate",
  8. Regulation 8/02 "On calculating annual interest profitableness of Bank deposits",
  9. Regulation "On publication of information by banks, credit companies, insurance brokers, investment companies, Central Depository, payments processing companies" CBA Regulation 8/03,
  10. Regulation 8/04 "The minimum conditions and principles represented to the internal acts of discussion of application-complaints customers operation",
  11. Regulation 8/05 "Procedure of collaboration, forms and minimum claims of the Bank and depositors, creditors and consumer's",
  12. Regulation 9 "Cash Transactions in Banks Operating in the Republic of Armenia",
  13. Regulation "On classification of loans and debtor liabilities and possible loss provisions operating in the territory of RA",
  14. "Minimum conditions of releasing internal control of the Banks",
  15. Regulation "On establishment of a loan register-informational system on creditworthiness of customers of banks, credit companies and branches of foreign banks operating in the Republic of Armenia and participation of banks, credit companies and branches of foreign banks therein".
  16. CBA Board’s  No. 142 decision of on 24.06.2014 about establishing  the Regulation of  providing electronic data to fiscal authorities about tax payers’ account opening and closing cases in RA Banks registered in the Tax service of RA and about revoking CBA Board’s No. 319 decision on 141.12.2001.

  17. CBA Board’s  No. 173-N decision on 09.07.2013 about establishing the Regulation about “ Providing minimum requirements of Cyber Security”.
  18. CBA Board’s decision No. 79 on 08.04.2015 about establishing the Regulation and conditions of receiving information from administrative fines, penalties from data system of RA Traffic Police   and for performing payments for required verification. 

International standards

  1. ISO/IEC 27001:2013, Information technology - Security techniques - Information security management systems - Requirements.


Bold acts relate to ISMS

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