ARMECONOMBANK OJSC customers (individuals and corporate entities) may receive information on the funds available on their accounts and their movements without having to visit the bank any time and any weekday, irrespective of bank working hours.

By using  AEBINFO system the customer will be able:

To view the current balances of bank accounts, including current, loan, deposit and card accounts,
To view main information of loan and deposit agreements, current conditions, paid/repaid interest and accumulations,
To view the basic details of the agreement on automated payment of utility bills and the statement of payments made in current month,
To view transactions processed during the given period (as of one month),
To print statements.

The technical requirements of AEB INFO system are:

Customer code,
Password (10 characters).

How to become user of AEBINFO system:

To get the customer code from Customer Service Department,
To provide the Bank with the password of 10 characters, to register the customer,
If the customer doesn't provide the Bank with password of 10 characters then the customer should go to the relevant branch of the Bank and fill in the application (plastic cardholders can fill in application in either branch).

For the usage of AEBINFO visit here.

Attention! Should the customer enter invalid password 6 times while attempting to access the system, the access right to AEB Info system shall be blocked.
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