General Information
Documentary incasso
Punct “ARMECONOMBANK” OJSC offers to use the service of documentary incasso
Punct Documentary incasso is a form of calculations, by which the buyer (Importer) receives a right of ownership of product within the period indicated in the letter attached to the shipping documents, in return for payment, or in return for acceptance of a promissory note issued in the name of the buyer (Importer). 

a/ Provision of documents against the payment or accept

0.2% min AMD 25 000, max AMD 60 000

b/ Accepting and sending documentary collection

0.2% min AMD 25 000 , max AMD 150 000

Amendments of the terms of the collection order, including  cancelation

AMD 15 000

Payment of collection

0.2% min AMD 11000, max AMD 50 000


Commission fees charged by correspondent banks and postage are also charged additionally.

In case the amount of the guarantee exceeds 5,000,000 AMD (or equivalent foreign currency), an example of the calculation of the commission fee (in the example, the guarantee was provided for 101 days): 25,000 AMD * 12/365*101 = 83,013.6 AMD.

The collection provides the Exporter an opportunity to receive the price of the product from the Importer against the documents submitted to the Bank.

In case of collection the Bank acts as an intermediary. In case of payments or acceptance by the Importer in favor of the Exporter, the Bank provides the Importer with the required documents.

The Bank may also carry out the remittance of the documentary collection in case of which the Exporter submits the appropriate documents to the Bank, which accepts and sends thereof in favor of the Beneficiary.

The Bank may render services of documentary collection in any currency and there are no limits on the minimum and maximum amount.
Commissions to be charged when executing the transaction, including the commission fees of intermediary banks, are charged in AMD by the Bank calculated at the exchange rate set by the RA CB for the given day.

The service is rendered in all the branches of the Bank, with the exception of “ROSSIA”, “ARARATYAN”, “NAIRI MC” branches.

Based on various consequences, additional documents and information may be required.

You have the right to communicate with the financial institution in the way you prefer, by mail or electronically. receiving information electronically is most convenient. It is available 24/7, is free from the risk of paper information loss and ensures privacy.

Updated:10/04/2023 17:38