Get the ARCA CLASSIC card and receive an opportunity to withdraw the money you need from your nearest ATM, as well as make payments or purchases in non-cash form.
Receive your salary and make non-cash transactions with ARCA CLASSIC.

General Information
Card account currency AMD, USD
Card validity period  5  years
Annual service fee 2 500 AMD
Cash withdrawal at ARMECONOMBANK OJSC cash outlets (ATM, POS terminal) Free for AMD, other currency 0.5% min 1000AMD
Cash pay-out at encashment points of other Armenian banks (ATM, POS terminal) 1%


*In cases, when cash withdrawal from the acrd exceeds 500,000 AMD, the rate of encashment is 0.5% for the amount exceeding 500,000 AMD.

More detailed terms of ARCA cards extension and service

Updated: 22/05/2019 11:51