Account opening and current service 

Account opening1


AMD 5,000 

For legal entities (including individual entrepreneurs)


Additional account opening


Account service, closing


Account service for unimplemented account2

Transactions haven’t been implemented from 365 to 730 days


Transactions haven’t been implemented from 731 days up to 1095


Transactions haven’t been implemented 1096 days and more

AMD 20,000 monthly

Providing account statements, payment documents, copies of SWIFT message, references3 and other information according to expiration date4

Transactions implemented up to 1 month5

AMD 0 

Providing payment documents, copies of SWIFT message , references and other information

AMD 1,000 monthly

Transactions implemented from 1to 3 months

AMD 1,500 

Transactions implemented from 3 to 1 year

AMD 2,500

Transactions implemented more than1 year

AMD 5,000

References for Individuals

AMD 5,000 

Account management assignment6

AMD 5,000 monthly

Utility payments


Account management via “AEB Home Bank” system7

In case of non-charge of account service one-off fee

AMD 3,000 monthly

In case of charge of account service one-off fee7b

AMD 1,000 monthly

Providing cash check books7

AMD 5,000 monthly

Audit inquiries on the account

AMD 15,000 monthly

Inquiries on the customer operations9


AMD 3,000 monthly

Other currency

AMD 15,000 monthly

VIP hall

VIP hall customer service10

AMD 20,000 monthly

Depo account

Depo account service

AMD 5000 monthly

Depo assignment fulfillment

AMD 1,000 monthly

Providing power of attorney

Providing power of attorney on bank account, card account, term deposit, credit accounts, safe box service in “ARMECONOMBANK” OJSC11

AMD 3,000 

Online enquiry to RA Public Register

AMD 3,000 per inquiry

1.a/  ATM service account opening a at ARMECONOMBANK OJSC is Free for RA resident pensioners, non-profit organizations, governmental, governmental non-commercial community based non-commercial and non-governmental organizations, "escrow" accounts, depersonalized metal accounts, social package accounts.

b/ Additional account opening fee is charged for each new account/accounts opening by the customer (individual or corporate), every time when submitting the application for account  opening

c/ Account opening: ª

* For non RA resident individuals AMD 30 000

* For non RA resident corporate entities AMD 50 000.

2. a/ The account balance which haven’t implement operation more than 365,731 and 1096 days,   being equal  or/and  less   respectively  AMD  (or  equivalent  currency)  AMD 10,000,  AMD  15,000  and  AMD 20,000, charging the commission fee, that account is closed automatically and service commission fees of further months are terminated

b/ This fee applies to those card accounts, which term has expired, the card hasn’t been reissued, and transactions haven’t been implemented during 365 days and more following the expiry term

c/ This fee doesn’t apply to the process of liquidation under the law of premium accounts, custody accounts, and term deposits on demand.

3. Statements for Individuals who have term deposit of AMD 3,000,000(or equivalent currency) or more in 15  banking  days  in  ARMECONOMBANK  OJSC,  and  for  corporate  entities  whose  account’s  average balance of the previous month exceeds AMD 10,000,000 (or equivalent currency) and for individuals, ARMECONOMBANK OJSC employees, and statements on AEB practice for the students, and statements on social package service are free of charge.

4. a/ After each transaction the provision of account statements, payment documents copies, as well as document copies of implemented transactions via "AEB Home Bank" system for one year are FREE OF CHARGE.

b/ For the provision of implemented transactions documents copies via" AEB Home Bank" system for more than one year, AMD 1,000 is charged.

c/ Provision a of statements from social package account is FREE of charge

5. Extension of statements of transactions implemented up to one month can be free of charge by the 10th banking day of the next month.

6. a/ For the purpose of ATM and Social packages accounts servicing, as well as  for the purpose of completing Child deposit and "Accumulative voluntary deposit"  free of charge.

 b/ Account management assignment fulfillment tariff isn’t charged if the assignment is carried out during 10 calendar days                                                                                                          

c/ For the current fulfillment of account management assignment fee is charged, if the assignment is carried out that month.

7 a/ For each Electronic signature carrier (in case of providing up to 25 of the accounting month the fee is charged during the same month for a month, and in case of providing on 25th of the accounting month or later, during the next month for a month

b/ Account service one-off fee for Individuals and corporate entities(private entrepreneurs) amounted to AMD 15,000,  which is charged for each provided device.

c/ In  case  of  handing  electronic  signature  carrier,  tariff  isn’t  charged  for  accounting  month,  if  the electronic signature carrier is delivered to the Bank by the fifth business day of the accounting month.

8. a/Treasury service is FREE of charge,

b/ In case of cash withdrawal with teller section order by corporate entities and private entrepreneurs servicing in ARMECONOMBANK OJSC, AMD 500 is charged.   

9. ARMECONOMBANK OJSC isn’t responsible for not receiving answers from correspondent bank.

10. Except the customers, who meet “VIP” standards accepted by ARMECONOMBANK OJSC.

11. Except the customers, who meet “VIP” standards accepted by ARMECONOMBANK OJSC.

12. Except pension accounts, licenses given by the private entrepreneurs for the loan repayment and cases designated by the contract.

13. While calculating the commission fee for the monetary fund encashment from the customers’ accounts, the difference of the debited and credited amounts sum to the Customer’s account 182 days prior to monetary fund encashment is taken as a basis (this fee is not applied to child deposits, time deposits placed by individuals and accrued interest against them). The loans provided by the Bank



(excluding secured with gold items and monetary fund collateral, as well as loans provided with the condition of Bank’s  employees’  wages  repayment,  for  the  encashment  of  which  no  tariff  is charged for cashing) are considered cashless funds debited to the account of the Customer.

14. a/ The present tariff is not applied on the child deposits, the paid interest against the bank on-demand deposit accounts, term deposits placed by individuals and interest accrued against, loans with gold items, monetary fund collateral, as well as loans provided secured with the Bank’s  employees’  wages,  as  well  as  on  the  encashment  of  cashless  funds  from  the transactions via POS terminals installed by “ARMECONOMBANK” OJSC.

b/ AMD transfers in the name of individuals from “ARMECONOMBANK” OJSC “ARTSAKH” Branch are performed FREE of charge.

c/ The present tariff is not applied  to the encashed amounts for utility payments by corporate entity customers from the Bank’s corresponding base during the given day.

d/ For charity organizations FREE of charge.     


NoteDocuments to be Presented for Account Opening of Individuals
PunctSocial card (RA citizens),
PunctCertificate of private entrepreneur( the original and the copy) and the stamp(if any) required only from private entrepreneur,
PunctTax code (the original and a copy) (required only from private entrepreneur,
PunctIn case of the liquidated private entrepreneur's account opening(in the process of insolvency) ,the liquidator submits to the bank the decision on liquidation and appointment by relevant competent body,
PunctA notarized power of attorney for dispose of funds held in the account:
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