AMD 0- 20,000,000


AMD 20,000,001- 50,000,000


 50,000,001 and more



During the accounting month, the interests are calculated with regard to the average daily positive monetary funds in bank and/or demand account, and are paid on the first business day of the following accounting month. Especially: 
1. If the bank and/or demand account is opened or/and the funds incurred during the accounting month, then the average daily interest calculation is performed on the basis of the calendar days of the accounting month. 
2. If the bank and/or demand account is closed during the accounting month, then interest aren't paid for that month.

General Information
Documents to be Presented for Account Opening of Individuals
Punct Passport,
Punct Social card (RA resident),
Punct  The certificate of private entrepreneur /the original and a copy/and the stamp/if any/ (required only for PE),
Punct Tax code (original and a copy) (required only for PE),
Punct In case of the liquidated private entrepreneur's account opening(in the process of insolvency) ,  the liquidator submits to the bank the decision on liquidation and appointment by relevant competent body,
Punct A notarized power of attorney for dispose of funds held in the accounts:
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