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UNIStream clearing system is represented in almost 100 countries with more than 250,000 service outlets. Transfers are performed in a high speed and 24 hour Call center is available, that is the sender and the receiver will receive help at any time, also the system has an active marketing policy frequently coming up with discounts and gifts.

Maximum amount for single transfer

900.000 RUB or equivalent currency





AMD/only payments/

Transfer speed

10 minutes

Commission fee

  • Transfers to RF, commission fee is 1% of transfer amount, in case of other countries starting from 1.5%.
  • The transfer rate for Visa and MasterCard cards in other countries is 1.5% minimum RUB 100, 5 USD/ EUR.
  • In case of replenishment «Яндекс деньги» wallets the transfer commission fee is 1% of the transferred amount.
  • In RA the commission fee /USD, EUR, RUR, AMD/ is 0.6%.
  • In case of transfers to the CIS countries, the commission fee is 0%, if the transfer currency is specified by the sender in another currency (for example the transfer currency is AMD, and currency of receipt is EUR, RUB or USD) 
  • In case of transfers to Ukraine, the commission fee is 1%
  • In case of transfers to Great Britain the commission fee is 0% (transfers can be made in USD, EUR but the currency of receiving GBP).
  • There are also two-currency transfers at 0% (RUR-USD, USD-RUR, etc.).
  • Unistream can make transfers to Italy, within 7 days one recipient can receive no more than 999 EUR.


Expiration date of transfers

180 days





Amount Rate
EUR-EUR up to 999 EUR 3% նվազագույնը 5 EUR
RUR-EUR up to 12 000 RUR 200 RUR
starting 12 000 RUR 0 %
USD-RUR up to 200 USD 3 USD
starting 200 USD 0 %
AMD-EUR up to 110 000 AMD 1600 AMD
starting 110 000 AMD 0%


Transaction fees are charged in AMD by the settlement exchange rate of the Central Bank.

By UNStream payment system  it is possible to recharge MasterCard and Visa cards' accounts(only 16 numbers on the card are necessary), implement S.W.I.F.T transfers,  make e-wallets ( Яндекс.Деньги) deposit and withdrawal, implement online payments(, aliexpress,  

For more information and the list of service outlets and rates, visit:

General Information
[headerThe details required for transfer
    Cash transfers are executed upon availability of necessary customer details, identification document of the customer.:
Punct Sender's name, surname, middle name if it's mentioned in the passport,
Punct Sender's passport data, register address, 
Punct Transferred amount and currency,
Punct Transfer city and state
Punct Recipient's name, surname and middle name if it's mentioned in the passport.
The details required for receipt
  The cash receipt is executed upon availability of necessary customer data, identification document of the customer.
Punct Recipient's name, surname and middle name (if it's mentioned in the passport),
Punct Recipient's passport data and register address,
Punct Sender's name, surname,
Punct Amount size and currency,
Punct The name of the country and city from which the transfer is made,
Punct Transfer unique code.
Updated: 02/03/2021 17:11