General Information
VIP hall is serviced at the Bank's
Punct“Head Office”
Punct“GYUMRI” branches
There are VIP service halls where individual; solutions are given to the customers’ problems, which are equipped with more convenient service conditions, and the services of the Bank are rendered in more preferential conditions. The monthly service fee for VIP hall is only AMD 20,000. The present service is FREE of charge for the customers who meet the VIP standards. VIP criteria:
PunctAnnual average circulation of AMD 1.0 mlrd. or equivalent foreign currency and more,,
PunctTerm funds in the account should be at least for 9 months, AMD 20.0 mln. or equivalent foreign currency and more,
PunctThe average monthly on-demand funds in the account should be AMD 50.0 mln. or equivalent foreign currency and more,
PunctThe non-interest income (from foreign currency exchange, transfers, encashment, etc. services) received from the customer by the Bank should be annually AMD 4.0 mln. or more,
PunctThe cooperation with the Bank should be minimum of 1 year,
PunctThe importance of the given Customer for the Bank,
PunctThe social condition of the customer (high ranked official representative, major organization, significant shareholder, director)
Updated:07/05/2018 11:14