The Annual Meeting of the European Bank of Reconstructions and Development (EBRD) was held on 09-10 May 2018 in Jordan. The representatives of ARMECONOMBANK OJSC management- CEO of the Bank, A. Khachatryan, Board Member L. Petrosyan and Chief of the Staff M. Sukiasyan, participated in the Meeting. For the first time, EBRD Annual Meeting was held in the southern and eastern Mediterranean region where the Bank has been investing since 2012.

During the Meeting the President of the EBRD, Sir Suma Chakrabarti, presented a meeting of the Board of Governors, which represents the Bank’s 68 shareholders, afterwards the President presented how the Bank met its green economy targets set at the 2015 Paris Climate agreement. Also, he pointed out the EBRD’s increasing emphasis on inclusion and its outreach to women entrepreneurs, as well as its work to make economies more resilient especially through local currency financing.

During these days ARMECONOMBANK OJSC representatives held meetings with representatives of the Bank’s international partner institutions, particularly with DEG- Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH and  Frankfurt School Financial Services GmbH, Swiss Symbiotics S.A, Austrian Raiffeisen Bank International AG and other international financial institutions. During these meetings the Bank’s current cooperation tendencies, the strategy for upcoming years and development perspectives were discussed.

Updated: 24/05/2018 09:45