"ARMECONOMBANK" OJSC offers its customers the following types of investment and non-investment services:

1. Investment service​

1.1 Acceptance and communication of instructions with securities from customers,

1.2 Operations with securities on behalf of the Bank or the customer and on the customer's account,

1.3 Operations with securities on behalf of the Bank and bank's account.

2. Non-investment service

2.1 Custodian services.

The subdivision of offering investment and non-investment services is considered the "Dealing Center" department.

The tenders of services are in Armenian and can be accepted both in paper and electronic form by means of CBANet.

The reports are provided to the customer on fulfillment operations, as well as a statement after making depo account operation immediately but no later than at the end of the next working day of operation.

The reports and the statements are provided either in paper or electronic form, by means of CBANet.

Commission fees for investment and non-investment services:

Provision of custodial services of RA State bonds

Account opening/closure


Account service (custodian fee annually)

AMD 5,000

Depo assignment performance 

AMD 1,000

Investment service 

The market of RA State bonds and securities issued by CBA

up to AMD  100 mln.

0.05% of the  transaction amount, min. AMD 5,000

AMD 100 mln. and more

0.04% of transaction amount

Corporate securities market

Up to AMD 100 mln.

0.2% of transaction mount, min.  AMD 5,000

AMD 100 mln. and more

0.1% of transaction amount



* These tariffs do not include partner and exchange rates.​

The information between the Bank and the customer transfers by means ofsafe transmission.

The place of signing the operation can be as intra-exchange as extra-exchange market.

Investing in securities, investors are related to a number of risks which are different for different types of securities.

“ARMECONOMBANK” OJSC implements transactions with state and corporate bonds in the security market, and even though the bonds are classified as low-risk instruments, it contains typical main risks as other instruments of the financial market.

  • Market risk,
  • Credit risk,
  • Liquidity risk,
  • Other risks.

As a possible risk species we single out the following ones: ​

Interest rate risk is the risk arising as a result of market interest rate change.

Inflation risk is the risk arising as a result of inflationary pressure, which results in the fall of income purchasing power accrued from security investments. 

Credit risk is the risk, which may occur as a result of non-implementation of obligations fully or partially by the issuer of security.

These types of risks are the main ones which may arise when investing in securities.

For information on possible other risks you may visit “ARMECONOMBANK” OJSC. 

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