Loan purpose 
Loan type 
Loan minimum amount  
AMD 10.000
Loan currency
In case of monthly, non-equally (differential) repayment of annual interest rate - 6-36 months  
Interest rate  Service fee (monthly)
0%                        0.6%
3%                        0.45%
5%                        0.35%
6%                        0.3%
8%                        0.25%
10%                      0.2%
12%                      0.1%
In case of beforehand or monthly payment of annual interest rate, and repayment ofthe principle at the end of term – 3-6 months 
Interest rate  Service fee (monthly) 
0%                        0.9%
3%                        0.7%
5%                        0.5%
6%                        0.4%
8%                        0.3%
10%                      0.1%
12%                      0.01%  
Redemption frequency
• The loan amount can be paid flat fee at the end of the deadline, and the calculated interests can be paid monthly or in advance.
• Monthly- Non-equally (differential),  
Gold items  
Grant way 
Application study  fee 
1% of loan amount
Flat fee based on loan amount
0.7% of loan amount,   
Fee based on gold standard
    500-578 standard 1 gr    12,000 AMD
 579-745 standard gr  14,000 AMD
 746-830 standard gr  18,000 AMD
 831-895 standard gr  20,000 AMD
 896-950 standard gr  21,600 AMD
 951-999 standard gr  23,000 AMD   
      White gold 
500-578 standard 1 gr    9,600 AMD
 579-745 standard 1 gr  11,200 AMD
 746-830 standard 1 gr  14,400 AMD 
The loan arrangement is realized 
ARMECONOMBANK OJSC Head Office and branches 
Decision period 
The loan is available on the spot
Loyal customers 
Loans under the pledge of gold items may be granted in maximum 110% of the loan value, but the exceeding part of 100% of the pledge value should not be more than AMD 500.000
 * Pursuant to this decision   “Loyal customer”  is the customer who has had 5 and more loans with ARMECONOMBANK OJSC,  and the aggregate of overdue days on all the loans do not exceed 7 days and at least one of the mentioned loans has been provided within 24 months preceding the receipt of application.
Borrower requirements
Resident individual over 18 years (if loan to pledge value ratio amounts more than 120 and max. 150% the borrower/ pledger and/or individual guarantor (if any) shall be the Bank’s cardholder and within 60 days prior to the loan provision a salary should have been transferred to his/her card account).
Negative decision grounds
Costumer’s negative credit history.
Inadequacy of the loan to the required criteria
In case of non-repayment of amounts (loan, interest, and other payments) set forth by the Agreement on time, a penalty of 0.13% on the overdue amount will accrue for each overdue day.
General Information
Documents to be presented by individuals
PunctPassport copies,
PunctDocument containing public services number,

Loan Calculator

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