Dear customer,

We hereby inform you that the list of ARMECONOMBANK OJSC terminals (Cash-In/Out) and ATMs has been amended:

New terminals:

Currency exchange and payment accepting devices (Cash-In/Out)

  • 3 Aram str., Yerevan ( Sil Plaza)
  • 10 Marzpetuni, Garni (Garni- Noah's Garden)
  • Bld. 5, Verin Ptghni, ("PHARAON" leisure and entertainment complex)


Cash-in terminals

  • 177/7 Khudyakov str., Yerevan (AEB “ AVAN” branch)
  • The terminal located in Aram 3, Yerevan address was moved to 28 Garegin Nzhdeh str., Yerevan (  AEB “SHENGAVIT” branch, device accepting payments)


 New ATMs

  • 177/7 Khudyakov str., Yerevan (AEB “ AVAN” branch)
  • 122 bld., G. Chaush community, Proshyan district, Kotayk province ("CAUCASUS" hotel-restaurant complex )


Inactive  ATMs

  • 1 Argishti, Kentron dis., Yerevan (Yerevan Municipality)
  • 2 Aharonyan, Kanaker-Zeytun dis., Yerevan ( Head office of “VEON ARMENIA” CJSC)
Updated: 10/07/2019 09:54