The correct and structural preparation of business reports and agreements used in company activity and buiding relationships with third parties is extremely important when doing entrepreneurial activity.

We have chosen some typical examples of contracts, which may be useful while organizing business activities.

The attached sample forms are considered as examples containing all the acting general points.  The sample forms don’t have a legal force and there will be a need of professional legal advice when drafting contracts.

The sample forms are:

  • Lease agreement
  • Employment contract
  • Power of attorney of a legal entity issued to a physical entity
  • Power of attorney of a physical entity issued to a physical entity
  • An example of a construction pre-estimate

Lease agreement

Lease agreement is the agreement signed between the a lessor and a lessee, in which the lessor hands over the real estate to the lessee for a certain fee. The lessor and the lessee are considered as the parties of agreement. The lessor is the one who gives his property for temporary use, both the owner of the property and the authorized person can be the lessor.

The lessee is the one taking the property for temporary use.

Employment contract

Employment contract is the agreement signed between the employer and employee, according to which the employer undertakes to provide work to the employee, to ensure working conditions defined by the Labor Code and other normative acts. The terms of termination of the contract, terms of change, the amount of salary are defined by the contract as well.

Powers of attorney

Power of attorney is a document provided by a physical or legal entity to another physical or legal entity, where the transactions and activities that the authorized person is is authorized to carry out, as well as the content and limits of these transactions.

Pre-estimate of construction works

The pre-estimate of construction works is a list of values and quantities of all material and non-material resources necessary to organize the construction works. The general plan of construction works is the basis for pre-estimate.

Updated: 21/04/2023 10:49