Projects financed through EIB facilities


About EIB. European Investment Bank (EIB) is the European Union’s Lender. EIB is one of the largest financial institutions.

It promotes the economy development, creates jobs, spurs equality and makes the life of EU citizens and people of developing countries better. 
EIB has more than 60 years of experience in project financing.
Project beneficiaries:  Small and medium enterprises (midcap enterprises) which are engaged in the fields of agriculture, processing of agricultural products and tourism. 
Advantages of the project:
• The beneficiaries are financed at preferential rates, is which is substantially lower (about 5 percentage points) than the interest rates of the similar loans offered by ARMECONOMBANK OJSC without EIB’s financing. 
• Loan repayment flexible schedule, as well as Principle repayment grace period is envisaged. 
In case of questions regarding Environmental and social issues of subprojects financed through EIB, please apply to ARMECONOMBANK OJSC sending a message to  e-mail address or calling by 8686 number. 

The information herein is not complete, please give preference to the Armenian version.


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Updated: 30/03/2023 17:40