Gift Card

Gift Card

Specialy for you

Determine the amount of money

The card can be replenished with AMD


Beautifully pack it

Unique packaging will make your gift distinctive and presentable


Let the selection to him

Non-cash purchases can be made with the card in almost all shopping points  and shops of the RA


Beautifull, pleasant and unique

Be unique when giving a gift
 Activity period  
up to the last day of the month indicated on the face of the Card
  Issuance of cards 
AMD 3,000   
 Card account opening
Annual service fee
 Cash disbursement at "ARMECONOMBANK" OJSC encashment points(ATM, POS terminal)
1%, min 1000 AMD
 Cash depositing from "ARMECONOMBANK" OJSC Cash register 
 1%, min 1000 AMD
 Cash disbursement with ArCa payment cards issued by other banks of RA at POS terminals of "ARMECONOMBANK" OJSC
 1%, min 1000 AMD
  Cash disbursement at encashment points (ATM, POS terminal) owned by other banks of the Republic of Armenia (ATM, POS terminal)
2%, min 1000 AMD  
Implementation of cashless transactions by card
Removing a card from  Stop-List (*for all ArCa type and currency cards, unblocking of a blocked card with the AEB Mobile application is free of charge)
AMD 1000
 Number of daily encashment transactions 
10 times
 Increase in daily encashment transactions  
AMD 1000 
  Maximum amount of total encashment transactions allowed in one day
  AMD 400000  
  Increase in the limit on the number of encashment or total transactions for entire period of validity of the card 
 AMD 5000 
Sending an SMS message
AMD 20
 Application for appeal of transactions made at ATMs(for AEB cardholders)
  AMD 5,000
 Maximum amount of one encashment transaction from "ARMECONOMBANK" OJSC ATMs  
 AMD 400,000 
Updated: 03/04/2023 12:40