Loan purpose 
Loans provided for economic, commercial, service rendering, business expansion and development purposes.
 Loan type 
Micro loans: up to 6 mln. AMD or other equivalent currency, Small loans: from 6 mln. to 33 mln. AMD or other equivalent currency, Medium loans: from 33 mln. to 200 mln. AMD or other equivalent currency, Large loans: from 200 mln. to more AMD or other equivalent currency. 
 Minimum amount
 100.000 AMD  or equivalent currency  
The provided loan amount 
The provided loan amount is conditioned and connected with: Loan purpose Customer's creditworthiness Loan security proposed by the customer, Loan risk assessment, Normative field requirements determined by the RA Central Bank and international agreements.
Loan currency 
 Annual interest rate
  AMD - starting from 14% (For loans provided within the framework of GAF project - 12% ), Other currency - 11% AMD – maximum 10.5%, if the company carries out activities in the fields of agricultural processing and tourism (within the framework of EIB)
 Loan term 
  Minimum term - 1 months, maximum tenor: Maximum 10 years for large and medium loans Maximum 7 years for small and micro loans 7.5 years within the framework of EIB project  
  Movable or Real estate Other security means acceptable by the Bank.
 Loan to pledge value ratio
Maximum 75% 
 Grant way 
 Decision period
  For large loans up to 25 working days For medium, small and micro loans up to 20 working days    (in case of collateral  the loan is provided within 2 working days following the receipt of registration right over the pledge) 
Borrowers’ requirements
Resident sole entrepreneur. Corporate entity
Loan redemption frequency and procedure
Monthly - Equally (annuitant), or non-equally (differential), It is possible to define a loan repayment flexible schedule depending on the peculiarities of the financed activity.
Real estate security is made by the customer at the insurance company licensed by RA CB, according to the tariff determined by the latter. The tariffs vary from 0.15-0.2% based on collateral type
Negative decision period
Negative assessment of the customer’s financial condition. Insufficient profitability of the presented project, insufficient argumentation of the loan purpose. Non-credibility of the presented documents. Insufficient liquidity of the loan security Not presenting the required documents within the predefined timeframe. Pollution or damage to the environment caused by customer’s activity. Negative conclusion of the loan register. Other basic reasons which according to the Bank assessment will hamper the loan repayment.
Real estate appraisal
Is realized by any assessment organization licensed by RA legislation and cooperating with the Bank, according to the tariff determined by the latter, which may vary from: In case of car - AMD 15.000-20.000 In case of real estate - AMD 20.000-200.000
For the overdue amount of any outstanding (loan, interest, other charges) term defined in the contract, a penalty of 0.13 per cent of the overdue amount is charged (daily).
Attention! If an early repayment is made in the amount exceeding 20% of the Principle balance as of the first day of each month (which does not include repayment of the part of the loan envisaged by the repayment schedule of the given month) without the Bank's written consent, a penalty in the amount of 5% of the early repaid amount exceeding 20% of the balance of the Principle is applied.
General Information
Documents to be presented by legal entities
PunctCopy of State Register certificate, transcript on the executive authority is mandatory or a statement given by Unified State Register (the latter may not be required if the Bank receives the given information electronically in defined order).
PunctState Register statement on participants, replacement of the director, and amendments to charter (the information may not be required if the Bank receives the given information electronically in defined order). In case of joint stock companies, statement on shareholders from Central Depository of Armenia OJSC and State Register statement on replacement of the director, and amendments to charter (the information may not be required if the Bank receives the given information electronically in defined order).
PunctThe documents listed in paragraph 2.1 are not required for corporate entities in case where the decision on borrowing may be made by the director.
PunctCharter (reviewed) (the document may not be required if the Bank receives the given information electronically in defined order)
PunctAuthority's decision on borrowing, and pledging property (necessary if the information listed in paragraph 2 is required).
PunctSet of financial reports for the latest accounting period. If necessary, approved (sealed or stamped) by applicable tax authority (copy).
PunctStatement of settlements with State budget or statement on liabilities to State budget from the tax authority of relevant location (mandatory for loans exceeding AMD 10 mln or foreign currency equivalent thereof).
PunctList of fixed assets (if necessary).
Punct Tax code (copy); TIN.,
PunctLicenses (copy), if any.
PunctPassport (copy),
PunctDocuments supporting the ownership right to the property offered as loan security
PunctIn case of collateral owned by individual, certificate of marriage (divorce, death of spouse).
PunctBank account statement (if necessary).
PunctStatement of accounts receivable and payable (with breakdown if necessary)
PunctStatement on ban from Real Estate Cadastre Department (after lending decision)
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