Armeconombank offers another placement of shares. 454,546 ordinary shares have been issued at a nominal value of AMD 2,080 each (market value: AMD 4,400); the total volume of the securities at the nominal value amounts to AMD 945,455,680 (market value: AMD 2,000,002,400).

The Bank's dividend policy aims to meet the shareholders’s needs to the maximum extent and secure efficient development which will again support the interests of the shareholders. Over the past 20 years, the Bank has paid dividends to its shareholders 18 times.

Moreover, becoming a shareholder lets everyone not only earn annual dividends, but also participate in the Bank’s management through voting and so becoming involved in the implementation of a number of projects.

The trust in Armeconombank is reflected in the successful placements of shares accomplished in the previous years, which has long become a tradition, and in the growing number of shareholders, currently about 6,300.

The shares can be obtained at the Bank’s 54 branches operating in Yerevan and provinces.

The intended period of public offering:22/07/2023, 09:00 to 31/10/2023, 16.00.

The Emission Prospectus registered with the Central Bank of Armenia on 07 June 2023 is published in “Prospectus” sub-section of the “Owners” section on the Bank’s website (https://www.aeb.am/uploads/azdagir_bajnetoms.pdf) and is available at Armeconombank Head Office located at 23/1 Amiryan St. in Yerevan.

* As with any financial instrument, the purchase of shares implies certain risks due to possible changes in their balance sheet (market) value. This risk is minimized due to the efficient risk management systems implemented by the Bank.


Updated: 27/07/2023 16:30