ARMECONOMBANK OJSC completed the placement of AMD bonds of 11.25% annual coupon yield and USD bonds of 5.00% annual coupon yield ahead of schedule (according to final terms of issue, the placement completion date was 11 December 2023).

The  circulation period of bonds is 36 months, and the payment of coupon income will be made in semi-annual intervals.

The volume of placed bonds amounts to AMD 1,500,000,000 and USD 5,000,000.

The redemption of bonds will be carried out on 18 July 2026.

After the completion of the placement, the bonds will be submitted to listing on Armenia Stock Exchange OJSC and will have a market maker.

The payment of the coupon income of bonds and redemption of bonds will be carried out by the following schedule:

1st payment of coupon yield 18/01/2024
2nd payment of coupon yield 18/07/2024
3rd payment of coupon yield 18/01/2025
4th payment of coupon yield 18/07/2025
5th payment of coupon yield 18/01/2026
6th payment of coupon yield and repayment of nominal value 18/07/2026
Updated: 22/09/2023 16:13