General Information
A fast and convenient way to receive money on your card from abroad at a very favorable exchange rate.
PunctPlastic card extension FREE of charge,
PunctReceipt of the amount without visiting the Bank,
PunctFast activation of received amount on the card only by one phone call or sms message,*,
PunctPreferential rate set by the Bank,
PunctPossibility of fast and twenty-four-hour encashment in virtue of the wide network of sevice centers and ATMs,
PunctThe ability to provide credit line,
PunctAbility to activate to all kinds of bank’s cards.
To activate the amount on the card, cash2card customers are required to:
  1.Send a text message with the following data to (099)158686 from the phone number stated in the agreement: 
Punctsender's first and last names;
Punctverification code provided by sender.
2. Call (010) 510 991 and provide:
Punctfirst and last names of sender and beneficiary;
Puncthis/her bank data code;
Punctverification code provided by sender;
Punctphone number stated in the agreement;
Punctother information necessary for customer identification.
Updated:24/01/2020 16:40