Currency Operations

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General Information

In case of 100,000 (one hundred thousand) AMD and larger transactions. 

  • Identity documents
  1. In the case of RA citizens: passport, identification card, military book
  2. in the case of foreign citizens, a passport issued by a foreign state or an international organization, as well as other documents stipulated by RA legislation
  • During entering funds

The "Know your customer" Questionnaire defined by the internal legal acts of the bank, as well as the basis of the information disclosed under the latter (for example, lease, property purchase and sale, service provision agreement, dividend distribution decisions, etc., as well as account statements for the last 6 months from which cash was withdrawn are funds).

General Information

The Bank can refuse to perform foreign currency purchase and sale (exchange) operations in the below mentioned cases:

  • When the amount of transaction is equal or exceeding AMD 100,000 (four hundred thousand) and the customer does not provide ID.
  • In case of possible exceeds of currency/cashless gold/ limits of open positions of standardized bullions of precious metals (regulatory and in case of being set by ALCO) by the Bank
  • When it is impossible to hedge the transaction
Additional or Supportive Services

The bank exchanges old or damaged coins with suitable coins. Tariffs can be found at the link.

Updated: 10/04/2023 17:25