C. Yerevan, Arabkir, Malkhasyants 6/1
End date
1 sq. price
702,000 AMD
Apartment number
Apartments for sale
Building type
Ceiling height
3 meters
The height of multi-apartment building being built at Malkhasyants 6/1 address is 53 meters. The building is faced with travertine and basalt. The exterior walls will be built with thermal insulation and 3D panels, due to the application of which the building will receive an A+ certificate of energy saving. The building consists of 14 floors- 13 residential and 1 of public significance. All exterior doors and windows will be made of heat-insulating aluminum profiles.
  • A+ certificate of energy saving which reduces 50% of energy consumption Individual parking
  • Areas of public importance
  • General purpose workplace
  • Children’s room
  • Café
  • Playground (table hockey, table football)
  • 1 underground and 5 above-ground parking
  • Park 4000 m2
  • Playing field
  • Water area
  • Green alleys
  • Co-Working space general purpose workspace
  • 9+point earthquake resistance
  • 24/7 security through employees and video cameras
  • 4000 m2 children verdurous garden