Master Standard Digital

Master Standard Digital

Your Master Standard Digital card
AMD 1,000

Not issued physically

Always on your smartphone

Daily limit of AMD 2,500,000 non-cash transactions

Available for 5 years

Contactless payments through Apple PayGoogle PayAEB Pay

Order your card through the AEB Mobile application

Make your choice

MasterCard STANDARD DIGITAL type payment card is issued for a period of 5 years.

The annual service fee of the card is AMD 1000.

MasterCard STANDARD DIGITAL card without physical presence and is located (registered) in a virtual environment.

The possibility of withdrawing money by card is blocked, and the maximum daily limit of non-cash transactions.

  • in case of AMD is 2.5 million AMD,
  • In case of USD and EURO- 5,000 USD/EURO,
  • in case of Russian Ruble, - 200,000 RUB.

The rest of the terms of service are in accordance with the current terms set for the MasterCard STANDARD card type. 

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Updated: 10/04/2024 14:58