In the period from 18 July to 11 December 2023, the Bank will distribute the subsequent tranches of dollar and dram bonds issued by it.

Class of bonds Nominal coupon Nominal coupon
Type of bonds Non-documentary Non-documentary
Nominal value per share USD 100 AMD 10,000
Number of shares 50 000 150 000
Total volume per issue USD 5 000 000 AMD 1 500 000 000
Coupon income (nominal interest rate of bonds) 5.00% per annum 11.25% per annum
of coupon incomes
In semi-annual payment intervals
Circulation period 36 months
Secondary market Armenia Securities Exchange OJSC
Date of issuance 18.07.2023
Placement period 18.07.2023-11.12.2023
of repaying the bonds

After the completion of the placement, the bonds will be submitted to listing on Armenia Stock Exchange OJSC and will have a market maker.

Bonds can be purchased by individuals and legal entities by applying to the Head Office or any branch of ARMECONOMBANK OJSC.

The Program Prospectus has been registered by the Central Bank of RA on 28 June 2023. You can read and download the Program Prospectus and the final terms of issue from the Bank's website: https://www.aeb.am/en/arjetxter-partatomser/ and the paper version can be obtained by visiting the Head Office of ARMECONOMBANK OJSC, address: Yerevan, Amiryan 23/1.

We remind* you that in accordance with the RA Law "On Guaranteeing the Compensation of Bank Deposits of Individuals", funds involved in nominal coupon bonds issued by the Bank are considered a guaranteed bank deposit and are guaranteed by the "Deposit Compensation Fund".

Also, income from bonds is not taxable for individuals.

* As any financial instrument, acquisition of bonds also implies certain risks that are presented in Prospectus.

Updated: 18/07/2023 18:29