Student loan within the framework of "Affordable housing for young people" national target program
Loan purpose
Tuition fee payment
Loan type
Consumer Loan
Loan amount
1,800,000 AMD which is provided in four successive shares, the maximum amount of each share (for each academic year tuition) can make from AMD 50.000 up to 450,000 AMD
Loan currency
Annual interest rate
Subsidized interest rate
2%,3% for students with excellent academic performance during the last year 
Loan term
72-120 months
Repayment frequency
Monthly (only the interests are redeemed during the educational process (maximum 4 years), and after completing the education equal (annuity) redemptions of loan principal amount and interests are made) 
Loan redemption procedure
Equally  (annuitant)
In case of the student's or one of the parent's income documentation is required, guaranty from one of student’s parents, in-care-of persons and from another individual (individuals). If the income documentation is not required, at least one of student’s parents/ in-care-of persons and from another individual (individuals) guarantee is required 
Provision method
Commission fee
Without commission fee
Loan formalization
Decision-making period
Up to 3 working days
Borrower requirements
Resident individual over 16 years, Registered and living in the Republic of Armenia,
Negative decision grounds
Negative assessment on the customer’s financial condition
Non-credibility of the presented documents
Unacceptable guarantors
Costumer’s negative credit history
Other reasons which according to the Bank assessment will hamper the loan repayment
Note Documents presented by individuals 
Punct Marriage certificate copy (if any)
PunctDocument containing public services number
PunctDocument verifying the applicant's  or the guarantor's(s) income
PunctData on properties with ownership right (certificates, technical passports, etc.) (if any)
PunctStatement from the corresponding educational institution on the annual (quarterly, semi-term) tuition fee
PunctCopy of student book (if any)
PunctIf necessary, other documents
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