Loan purpose
Loan type
Loan amount
Minimum loan amount - AMD 500.000 
Loan currency
Annual interest rate
Loan term
730-2555 days
Repayment frequency
Repayment procedure
Monthly- equally  (annuitant), or Non-equally (differential)
Real estate Guaranty of at  least 2 persons, who are not  members of the borrower's family  when the documentation for income source is not required
Provision method
Both cash and Non-cash
Commission fee
AMD 5000 for the study of the loan application which is non-refundable. To charge commission fee from the borrower in the amount of 1% of loan amount on loan provision day.
Loan formalization
ARMECONOMBANK” OJSC head office and branches
Up to 10 working days (In case of mortgage the loan is provided within 2 business days following the receipt of collateral registration right)
Borrower requirements
Resident individual over 16 years
Registered and living in the Republic of Armenia
Has a constant income source acceptable by the Bank[/br]
Real estate appraisal
Upon the tariff set by any assessment organization having a license designated by RA legislation and cooperating with the Bank. Tariffs may vary from AMD 20.000 to AMD 100.000. Depending on the collateral type the tariffs may be higher. (annuitant)Non-equally (differential)
Negative decision grounds
Negative assessment on the customer’s financial condition
. Non-credibility of the presented documents
. Unacceptable guarantors
. Costumer’s negative credit history
. Other reasons which according to the Bank assessment will hamper the loan repayment
Overdue Loan 0.2% of the unpaid amount for each overdue day Overdue Interest 0.4% of the unpaid amount for each overdue day
Collateral arrangement expenses
All the expenses related to the collateral formation (notarization, registration of the real estate in subdivisions of Cadastral territory) is made by the borrower
Notary fee - AMD -16.000
Joint reference (on restrictions against real estate) - AMD 10.000
Certificate on the registration of right to real estate- AMD 27.000[/b]
Note Documents presented by individuals 
Punct passport copies (of the Borrower and his/her family members),
Punct marriage certificate copy (if any),
Punct document containing public services number
Punct statement from the workplace (with a note on the salary size) of the Applicant and/or the Guarantor
Punct in case of providing the loan to a family member, corresponding documents about the kinship relation (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.),
Punct statement from the corresponding educational institution on the annual (quarterly, semi-term) tuition fee,  
Punct copy of student book (if any)
Punctif necessary, other documents. 
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