Loan purpose
Acquisition of furniture, household products, technical appliances
Loan amount
30.000 -2.000.000 AMD
Loan currency
Annual interest rate
182-196 day 15%
 364-378 day 16%
546 - 570 day 16.5%
728-1095 day 17%
Loan term
1-36 months
Redemption frequency
Acquired product
Loan to pledge value ratio
Grant way
Commission fee
Account service fee per month 0–1.27% of the contractual amount of the loan
Decision Period
Up to 10 working days 
Borrower requirements
Resident individual over 18 years Registered and living in the Republic of Armenia Has a constant income source acceptable by the Bank
Loan redemption procedure
Monthly Equally (annuitant), or Non-equally (differential)
Negative decision grounds
Negative assessment on the customer’s financial condition Non-credibility of the presented documents Costumer’s negative credit history Other reasons which according to the Bank assessment will hamper the loan repayment
Overdue Loan 0.2% of the unpaid amount for each overdue day Overdue Interest 0.4% of the unpaid amount for each overdue day

Documents presented by individuals:

1. application about loan receipt,
2. passport,
document containing public services number:
• social card, or
• RA citizen identification card, or
• foreign citizen residence card (if any) containing public services number, or
• socuments certifying the refugee identification of RA permanent resident, individual having no citizenship containing public services number, or
• statement containing public services number,
3. statement from the workplace about the income, given maximum 20 working days prior,
4. statement from the residence, given maximum 20 working days prior,
5. if necessary, other documents.

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