Service fee

Transaction amount 0.1% min AMD 15,000 max AMD 100,000

Change of the terms of the contract

AMD 15,000


No fee is charged for metal account if the balance of the account is 0.

NoteDocuments to be Presented for Account Opening of Individuals
PunctPassport (identification card),
PunctSocial card (for residents of RA),
PunctCertificate of private entrepreneur (the original and the copy) and the seal (if any) required only from private entrepreneur,
PunctTax code (the original and the copy) (required only from private entrepreneur),
PunctIn case of the liquidated private entrepreneur's account opening(in the process of insolvency) ,  the liquidator submits to the bank the decision on liquidation and appointment by relevant competent body,
PunctA notarized power of attorney for dispose of funds held in the accounts.
Updated: 04/05/2018 14:47