1. AMD [2]


1.1 AMD transfers/payments service without account opening [3]

a/ up to AMD 100 000 

AMD 200

b/ AMD 100 001- AMD 250 000 

AMD 500c

c/ AMD 250 001- AMD 500 000 

AMD 1000

d/ AMD 500 001 – AMD 1 000 000 

AMD 1,500

e/  AMD 1 000 001-  AMD 3 000 000

AMD 3,000

f/ AMD 3 000 001- AMD 5 000 000

AMD 5,000

g/ AMD 5 000 001 and more

AMD 7,000


Free of charge

1.2 Interbank transfers / payments in foreign currency /

Free of charge

1.3 Interbank transfers /transfers through AEB with  a password 

0.6% min AMD 200

1.4 Cash payment of over AMD 1,000 on installment loans of "ARMECONOMBANK" OJSC

AMD 300

2. In USD and EURO within RA 

a/ up to USD 20,000 or EUR 20,000

AMD 5000

b/ USD/ EUR 20,001 and more

AMD 10 000

c/ In case of transfer of amounts gained from the repayment of USD bonds issued by CENTRAL DEPOSITORY OF ARMENIA OJSC and ARMECONOMBANK OJSC for the purpose of deposition.

Free of charge

3. Implemented transfers [4] term amendment, cancellation 

Implemented transfers can’t be cancelled, if the amount beneficiary (recipient) refuses to return the amount transferred

a/ AMD

 AMD 2 000

b/ Terms amendment and/or cancellation of  foreign intra- bank transfers (in ARMECONOMBANK OJSC)

Free of charge

*Tariff includes VAT

1. a/ The transfers inside and outside of RA are made no later than the next banking day

b/In case of transfers in RA territory, term amendment and/or cancellation is carried out during 3-5 business days (except payments in state and local budget).The executed transfers can’t be cancelled if the amount beneficiary refuses to return the amount transferred.

2 ARMECONOMBANK OJSC will charge a monthly fee of AMD 100 (except for technical examination coupons, for the maintenance of social package and state support accounts, and term deposit attraction orders) for each AMD cashless transfer from the Customers’ account within RA territory without the submission of payment order by the customer.

3 Cash transfers in Armenian dram to the Soldiers' Insurance Fund’s account N 103008661003 and Stamp Duty Payment account N 900005001186 created under the law of the Republic of Armenia on the compensation of damage caused to life or health of the military personnel during defense of the Republic of Armenia are executed free of charge.

4. Transfers debited from ARMECONOMBANK OJSC correspondent accounts

If the transfer isn’t out of ARMECONOMBANK OJSC, then terms amendment/cancellation tariff isn’t charged.

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