Loan purpose 
Export financing
 Loan type 
 Minimum loan amount
Foreign currency equivalent to AMD 100.000
Loan amount 
Maximum amount of the loan - 90% of the invoice of the export, but no more than the insurance money after being reduced by non-refundable amount.
 Loan currency
Annual interest rate 
 Loan term 
The maximum term of the loan -  the repayment term of the receivables plus 180 calendar days, but no more than 12 months.Minimum term -  1 months
 Loan redemption frequency and procedure 
Redemption of the Principle- at the end of the deadline.Redemption of interests - monthly 
Accounts receivable as collateral.Guaranty of  founders   
 Loan to pledge value ratio 
Maximum -  90% 
 Grant way 
 The loan arrangements is realized
ARMECONOMBANK OJSC Head office and branches
Decision period
For large loans up to 25 working days.For medium, small and micro loans up to 20 working days    (in case of collateral  the loan is provided within 2 working days following the receipt of registration right over the pledge). 
For the overdue amount of any outstanding (loan, interest, other charges) term defined in the contract, a penalty of 0.13 per cent of the overdue amount is charged (daily).
Loan redemption frequency and procedure
Redemption of the Principle- at the end of the deadline Redemption of interests - monthly
Negative decision grounds
Negative assessment of the customer’s financial condition. Insufficient profitability of the presented project, insufficient argumentation of the loan purpose Non-credibility of the presented documents. Insufficient liquidity of loan security. Not presenting the required documents within the predefined timeframe Pollution or damage to the environment caused by customer’s activit Customer’s negative credit history Other reasons which according to the Bank assessment will hamper the loan repayment.
The insurance is realized by EXPORT INSURANCE AGENCY OF ARMENIA ICJSC. The tariffs range from 6-15% of the invoice of the export.
NoteDocuments to be presented by legal entities 
[p]Copy of State Register certificate, transcript on the executive authority is mandatory.(the document  may not be required if the Bank receives the given information electronically in defined order)/p]  [p]Tax code (copy); TIN/p] [p] Set of financial reports for the latest accounting period. If necessary, approved (sealed or stamped) by applicable tax authority (copy)/p] [p] Statement of settlements with State budget or statement on liabilities to State budget from the tax authority of relevant location (mandatory for loans exceeding AMD 10 mln or foreign currency equivalent thereof)/p] [p]Licenses  (if any), (copy),/p] [p]Passport  (copy),/p] [p]In case of collateral owned by individual, certificate of marriage (divorce, death of spouse)/p] [p] Bank account statement (if necessary)./p] [p]Export invoice/p] [p]Statement of accounts receivable and payable (with breakdown if necessary)/p] [p]Insurance certificate given by Export insurance agency of Armenia ICJSC /p]
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