Loan purpose
Personal loan
Loan type 
Loan amount
AMD 10.000-25.000.000
Loan currency
In AMD, irrespective from the pledged cash facilities currency
Annual interesta rate
Currency of pledged funds Interest rate  
AMD  Interest rate of pledged funds + 4%
USD, EUR, RUR Interest rate of pledged monetary funds + 4%, not less than 14%.
Actual interest rate  7.23-16.08%
Loan to pledge value ratio
Currency In case of  30-545 days redemption period Provided that the interest amounts will be charged in advance -  30-1095 days redemption period
AMD 95% 100%
USD  80% 85%
EUR 80% 85%
RUR 70% 75%
Loan term
30-1095 days
Loan redemption  frequency and   procedure 
Principal loan amount repayments are maid monthly or at the end of the deadline  Loan interest repayments are maid monthly or in advance
Decision period 
2-3 working days
Requirements to borrower
Resident individual over 18 years Registered and living in the Republic of Armenia Has monetary funds/ term deposits in the Bank
Negative decision grounds
Customer’s negative credit history. Other reasons which according to the Bank assessment will hamper the loan repayment.
Note Documents presented by individuals 
PunctApplication on loan receipt 
Punct Passport 
Punct Document containing public services number 
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