Loan purpose
Loan type
Credit line
Loan currency 
Loan amount
AMD 50.000-3.000.000, but no more than the tenfold of the Borrower's average monthly income
 Annual interest rate
AMD 16% 11%
Commission fee 1% 1%
Monthly service fee (contract amount) Not difined 0.3%
Actal interest rate 17.87-21.29%       
Loan term
In case of credit line in amount of AMD 50.000-2.000.000 - 12-36 months 
In case of credit line in amount of AMD 2.000.001-3.000.000 - 12-48 months
Payment card type
Any payment card, the salary transferred to.
Grant way
Redemption frequency
Monthly- equally (annuitant), or non-equally (differential).
By equal repayment of the Principle amount during the last 6 months.
At the end of deadline.
The interest accrued for the used loan is subject to full repayment up to 90th day from the date of the settlement.  
In case of the amount more than the sixfold of the average income or more than AMD 1.500.000 a guaranty of at least 1 individual, who is not a member of the Borrower's family is required. 
In the case of more than AMD 2.000.000 amount the Bank may require the guaranty of one or more persons.
Loan arrangement is realized
ARMECONOMBANK OJSC Head office and branches. Except for Nairi MC, Russia-1 and Ararat branches.  
Decision  period
Up to 5 working days
Against the amounts (loan, interests, other payments) not paid within the term(s) set forth by the agreement, a penalty in the amount of 0.13% (daily) of the outstanding amount is charged for each overdue day.  
Statement provision
Free of charge  
  * Within the framework of the payroll project, a special offer has been established for workers of educational institutions, IT and telecommunications field and health care providers, in particular.
  Rate Term Actual interest rate
Employees of educational institutions 13-14% (depends on loan term and borrower's work experience) 12-48 months 14.99-16.88% 
IT and telecommunications staff 14%  12-36 months 15.74-17.2%
To health workers 13-14% (depends on loan term and borrower's work experience)   12-48 months 14.99-16.88%
For further details please visit the following link:     Attention!
When issuing a credit line with Mastercard Gold, Visa Gold payment card for the provision of “Income Ground” credit line, 50% discount is defined for annual service fee of these cards.
Early loan repayment is allowed for which no fines and penalties are charged
As an additional loan security means, the Bank may also require guarantee of one or more persons.
When applying for a loan, the Bank provides you with an individual leaflet on essential terms of consumer loan, which defines individual terms of the loan to be granted to you.
Interests are calculated on the loan balance.
The consumer / borrower / is entitled to unilaterally terminate the credit agreement without any justification within 7 business days after its conclusion, unless a longer term is envisaged by the credit agreement (time to think). In this case, the consumer is obliged to pay interest to the creditor for the use of the credit amount, which is calculated in accordance with the actual annual interest rate provided by the credit agreement. No other compensation may be claimed from the consumer in connection with the termination of the credit agreement.
The consumer has the right to repay the obligations under the credit agreement ahead of time, whether such right is provided by the credit agreement or not.
The USD (1USD=523.76 AMD) and Euro (1EUR=636.84 AMD) exchange rates issued by the CBA as of 12.01.2021 are the basis for the calculation of the actual annual interest rate. The actual annual interest rate may change depending on the rate of exchange rate published on the CBA official website.
To get acquainted with the tariffs of the services rendered within the implementation of loan operations please visit the link-
General Information
Documents to be presented by individuals
Punct Passport copies
Punct Document containing the number of public services
Punct The document certifying the income
Punct Other documents, if necessary

Loan Calculator

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