Loan purpose
Residential real estate renovation or construction
Loan type 
Mortgage loan  
Loan amount
In case of AMD loans from AMD 500.000  up to 60 mln.  In case of USD loans minimum USD 1000 In case of loans provided for the construction of residential real estate the maximum amount of the loan shall not exceed 80% of estimate cost of presented construction works 
Loan currency
Annual interest rate
 AMD 500.000 -  25.000.000 ,Up to 50% included     13%
 AMD 500.000 -  25.000.000 , 50-70% included    14%
 AMD 25.000.001-60.000.000 ,Up to 70% included    14%
In case of USD loans:  In case of up to 50% included  loan to pledge value  ratio    13%
In case of USD mortgage loans    I case of 50-70% included loan to pledge value  ratio    14%
Loan term
144  to  240 months for AMD 120 months for USD 
Redemption frequency/title]
Real estate to be renovated, in case of construction – other residential real estate 
Loan to pledge value  ratio 
In case of  renovation maximum 70% of the liquidation value of the residential real estate to be renovated or pledged   In case of construction of real estate maximum 70% of the liquidation value of the pledged real estate
Grant way
Step by step By cash and cashless    In case of loans granted for renovation of real estate, maximum 40 calendar days are defined for the usage of the amount of each stage.  In case of loans granted for the construction of real estate maximum 5 months are defined for the usage of the amount of each stage.
 Commission  fee
AMD 5000 for the study of the loan application which is non- refundable.   Account service fee per month- 0.05% of loan amount but not more than AMD 10.000 per month. In case of loans at USD currency the account service fee is calculated in AMD at the average exchange rate of the Central Bank on the issuing day.  Account service fee is rounded up to hundredfold. 
Decision  period
Up to 10 business day (in case of mortgage the loan is provided within 2 business days following the receipt of collateral registration right) 
Collateral arrangement expenses
All the expenses related to the collateral formation (notarization, registration of the real estate in subdivisions of Cadastral territory) is made by the borrower Notary fee - AMD 15.000-25.000 Joint reference  (on restrictions against real estate) - AMD 10.000 Certificate on the registration of right to real estate- AMD 27.000-75.000  
Updated: 12/07/2019 16:30